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100% Fees Concession for physically Challenged and Meritorius Students             Our Diploma-Degree is eligible for Higher Studies in INDIA, UK, USA, CANADA etc

Aims & objective


The main aim of Guru sai nath university is to educate the people from the grass root level particular reach towards the globalization of education in general with in  time bound frame work. The Guru sai nath university has the right to impart education and knowledge through various means studied to the open and distance education  mode. The GSU provides quality education, skill up gradation and training to all using innovative technologies and methodologies and ensuring convergence of existing required for promoting integrated national development and global understanding.

Guru sai nath university is a latest concept to  this world. We are used to seeing a large part of major city with a large sign over the threshold is called university. We find that those building have classrooms, laboratories and many libraries housed in them. We see many students along with few educationally matured people sitting around as teachers, usually the teachers talking and studies listening or writing or doing things according to instructions they receive from teachers. We recognize this system as a university campus where the selected people or any particular nation. Now just imagine that we have many rooms across the globe. The relationship systems are the same in the scattered global campus as in any particular university campus of any nation. Instead of educating a few select in give place, now a mach large group from all over the world are receiving the same education and are being for their leading roles nationally and internationally. Also world university related to word universe which actually means global. with the invention of Television, Computers and Internet whole world have squeezed to be a global village, consequently squeezing the role of formal university campus to small computer monitor, Where by a blink of eye students get more information and knowledge than provided by any teacher in many months at a formal university campus. Guru Sai nath University impart education through distance learning using latest methodologies and technologies and also through worldwide affiliated collages. The prime objective of Guru Sai nath University is the education of the illiteracy from across the globe. Eventually Guru sai nath which stands for education  without  borders in cashing in on the enormous potential of online and continuing education